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  Our small preschool provides opportunity for more individualized care.

Spots are extremely limited, call us today!

Montessori Approach

Children gain a sense of independence and confidence with a Montessori approach to learning. Our hands on, self-directed activities encourage children to explore learning in different ways.

Grow with Gardening 

Grow with us! We make gardening fun with our on-site playground garden. Children will experience a garden-to- plate process in full and enjoy the fruits and vegetables they've grown all by themselves!


Our students enjoy two 30 minute classes per week that focus around fitness and music with the Stretch-n-Grow West Texas Program! They learn the fundamentals of their bones and muscles, and music theory within these programs, as well as playing fun games!

Second Language

Children develop language skills early and quickly increase their vocabulary with the words they hear around them. We introduce second language to our children by regularly using simple words throughout our day.  

Art & Music   

 Magnolia encourages your child to express their creativity through daily art and music time.

Nutritious Meals

Each student is provided with a fresh, hot meal at lunch time every single day! Every lunch includes a source of fruit, vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates. 

Providing exceptional care with small group learning and purposeful play.

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