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A special thank you to all of our parents! Your support and feedback is so important to us and drives us to continued excellence in childcare.

"I can’t begin to describe how wonderful & amazing Magnolia and staff are!

My two year old daughter has been here for a few months and our lives have changed completely. My daughter looks forward to “her school” each morning, no more tears (from her or myself) or dreading the next day - she is so happy and positive and her little personality is really developing.

Mrs. Cindi and the team are present and attentive to these kids. They always have a fun activity or school lesson planned, the children are always engaged and playing and just having a great time! You can see immediately that the Magnolia team genuinely love and care for all of these children.

Magnolia provides a set schedule/routine each day with yummy meals and snacks, nap time, play time, outdoor time, etc. They have an excellent security system with keypad entry, the children are in safe hands. Magnolia is definitely on top of cleaning and sanitation - I have witnessed it myself several times and I know the staff is sanitizing and wiping down areas throughout the day. One of the first things I noticed is that Magnolia doesn’t have that “daycare smell” (you know what I’m talking about).

I can’t thank Magnolia enough for the positive impact they’ve had on my family. I no longer have that nagging feeling of worry at drop off. My daughter is safe and happy and loved and very well taken care of - THANK YOU MAGNOLIA!!" - Joni

"As I reflect on the past 4 months, I am blown away by the consistent love, care, and attention my little guy receives at Magnolia Children's Learning Center. They are skilled in developing confident competent thinkers! My son is developing early vocabulary and literacy skills and has a firm understanding of cardinality. It makes this mathematician momma so proud! My 3 year old has developed excellent interpersonal communications skills through interactions with his peers, and best of all, he loves going to school. He shouts, 'we're home!' when we pull up. The culture is positive and he knows he's safe. I could not be happier." - Jazmin

"We are so thankful we found such an amazing place for our son. Magnolia provides the best of both worlds. The entire staff is caring, compassionate, loving and professional. Your child will get the love and attention from a home daycare setting and the structure of the school/daycare center. Your child will be happy and flourish like mine has." - Naomi

"We are absolutely in love with Magnolia! All of the staff are amazing and its a family friendly environment. Our daughter runs in every morning without hesitation. This place has truly been a blessing for our family." - Jennifer

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